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The start of a new chapter

Hello and welcome to the new home of Lewis Moorcroft's digital artwork. Here you will find high-quality 3D landscape and spacescape renders of alien worlds, created using specialist landscape modelling software Mojoworld.

At the end of 2017, I created the landscape 'Lauren' - a one-off giclée print as a gift. When it arrived from the printers, I was quite astonished with how well it came out, as it was only the second work I'd ever had printed and the first that was a giclée production. After getting it framed and seeing it hanging on the wall, I decided to undertake an ambitious project of bringing some of my artwork to physical format and print, and no longer limiting it to computer and phone screens. The wonderful aspect of the software I use is that it uses fractal algorithms which essentially allow me to recreate my work at an infinite (within reason) size without loss of detail.

011 Lauren

I hope to have everything in place by early/mid 2019. The first stage of the project was getting this website live, as it will allow me to post information and updates a lot more easily. Now that it is live, the rough plan of action over the next few months will be to:

  • Finalise an initial print collection of six or eight comprised of works from the Astral Realm project
  • Finalise a range of sizes in which the prints will be available
  • Reproduce the collection for print
  • Source a giclée print service (likely reusing the service that printed 'Lauren')

So over the next few weeks and months and once I have finalised those different aspects, I will be using this new blog and dedicated social media accounts to post information on the prints, such as titles, sizes and print process. In the future I will also use the blog to post general information on the software I use, techniques and tutorials.


Up until the launch of this website, my work was spread across two websites; 'The Art of Lewis Moorcroft' and 'Astral Realm'. 'The Art of Lewis Moorcroft' first went live in 2004 and showcased my artwork in a number of different forms: landscapes, abstracts and various forms of 2D work. I later launched the 'Astral Realm' website and project in 2011 to showcase my next-generation artwork that focused on atmospheric landscapes and spacescapes.

'Lewis Moorcroft Art' essentially replaces both websites and brings my work into one place. I do plan to re-launch 'Astral Realm' at some point in the future, but only to showcase the Astral Realm project now found here in an alternative experience.

Old works

If you are familiar with my work, you will see that a lot of my old pieces are not present in the new galleries, and I have completely removed the abstract and 2D galleries. While producing these have been enjoyable in the past, I really want to focus on what I enjoy most and what has been more popular and unique - atmospheric landscapes and spacescapes. I may bring some form of archive to the site, but for now I am really focusing on new and original works.